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◆ Pre-Order ◆

Every year, Hsu Yao Liang Tea plantation will choice 3 kinds of oriental beauty tea we made and they will pro-order in summer and winter

We classify the tea's flavor into fruits, floral, and honey, means it sucked by smaller green leafhopper a lot or a little bit.


If you wonder how we classify oriental beauty tea, and the flavor of 3 kinds, we recommend you pro-order our tea.

∥ Pre-order Feature ∥

🌿 Typical Variety:Chin-Shin-Dapan🌿TTES NO.17 (BAILU)🐦

🍯 Flavor:Fruits/Floral/Honey

🌠 Own Classification:4 stars/5 stars/6 stars

💐 Quality Assurance: We made, we guarded a pass

∥ Season and Pre-Order time ∥

☀️SUMMER☀️  Pro-Order 4/15-5/31 · Delivery 6/1-6/5

Mature Fruits/Pectin/Citrus/Longan Honey


❄️WINTER❄️ Pro-order 10/1-10/31 · Delivery 11/1-11/5

Floral/Soft/Elegant/Tropical Fruits/Honey